Should You Upgrade to Windows 10? Yes and No…

We’d like to open up our blog for a message from Jeff Fantalis from (be)iNVENTiV, a Colorado IT firm we work with. Jeff, take it away!


beiNVENTiV Logo 2015 blue bgWindows 10 was released at the end of July. It adds some features and functions that you might find useful but should you take the free upgrade from Microsoft and upgrade now? The answer is yes and no. Yes you should make sure you upgrade before the free upgrade goes away (you have a year) but no we don’t think as a general rule you should be upgrading now.

Why wait? Well, like most new releases of software it is still a little buggy. If you don’t mind dealing with some issues you can upgrade. It won’t likely be a bad decision but if you don’t like dealing with technology issues…just waiting a little longer. Make it a new year’s project. Get it done the 1st quarter of 2016 and by then Windows 10 should be stable and you’ll be able to enjoy the new features.


(be)iNVENTiV ( is a Colorado based IT firm that provides IT outsourcing, IT assistance, development, website creation, Office 365, SharePoint, Cloud, Microsoft CRM implementation. ClearPath has been working with (be)iNVENTiV for many years. If they can be of help contact Jeff at (720) 999-3199

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  1. I agree with Jeff that there are pros and cons of upgrading. I always like to be on top of new upgrades. Do you think that all of the issues will be gone by the first quarter of 2016?

    • clearpathaccountants

      We shall see…..

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