Have you considered offering telecommuting (working from home) as an option to your employees?

laptop-943558_1920Allowing employees to telecommute can be a “win-win” for employees and employers. Potential benefits to employees include:

  • Improved work-life integration
  • Reduction or elimination of commuting costs
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Time savings

Potential benefits to employers that offer telecommuting include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased office costs
  • Lower turnover rates
  • Expanded talent pool

Many of our staff at ClearPath Accountants telecommute at least part time. We have found providing this option motivates our employees while allowing us to retain talented people. By not being tethered to one physical location, we are able to remain productive and responsive to customers through a variety of scenarios…there are no “snow days” when you can work from home!

Several challenges can come with telecommuting. The largest issue is usually communication. Employees who work from home full-time may feel disconnected from their co-workers; you can’t stop by someone’s office with a quick question if your co-worker is on the other side of the country! Supervisors may feel it is more difficult to keep tabs on projects. We have found that utilizing cloud-based software, VOIP phone service, and screen sharing applications makes it easier than ever for employees who telecommute to communicate efficiently with customers, vendors, and other staff. Having a weekly all staff video conference call also facilitates communication.

Offering the option to telecommute does not have to be an “all or nothing” situation. Employees working from home part time and from the office part time may be the best of both worlds. Encouraging employees to telecommute on days they have a scheduling conflict (sick relative to tend to, appointment on other side of town, etc.) is an easy way to boost employee morale while maintaining company productivity.

In an increasingly mobile economy, companies may need to offer telecommuting or risk being left behind.

If you have questions about telecommuting and how to implement in your organization, please contact us.

– Cassandra Lenfert

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