Forest pathWelcome to ClearPath Accountants

ClearPath Accountants LLC, located in the Denver Colorado metropolitan area and in Fort Collins, is dedicated to transforming your accounting experience by focusing on proactive advisory services. Our CPA firm provides our clients with information to a “clear path” of improved business processes, cash flow and profitability.

ClearPath Accountants Services: 

ClearPath Accountants helps clients solve their business challenges and capitalize on market opportunities in industries such as: brick & mortar and online retail, construction, real estate taxation and professional services. Our monthly and quarterly programs are specifically designed to provide accurate, timely and cost effective accounting solutions. Our services are also available with cloud based computing to provide real time accounting information right to your desk top.

Industry Specialties:

Cloud Based Accounting Solutions, Retailers, E-Commerce, Construction, Professional Services, Real Estate Investment/Taxation, IRS Audits & tax issues

Watch a short video about our cloud based accounting solution.

ClearPath Accountants Process:

ClearPath Accountants customizes each outsourced accounting solution according to the needs of our clients.  Contact us today to learn more.


ClearPath Accountants Team:

ClearPath Accountants has CPA partners all licensed in the State of Colorado. Our multi-lingual firm can also provide services in Spanish. Learn more about our ClearPath Accountants team.